Content Writing Tactics

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Brand Voice in Your Blog Posts November 17, 2019 by Duncan Croker Your brand voice isn't designed for your blogs, so you need to create a new voice to properly engage readers. I tell you why and how.

Quick Lessons

Need quick, easy ideas for blog posts?
Use these five steps.

  1. Get your front-facing teams to write down five questions per person that customers/clients commonly ask them. Make sure they’re open-ended questions.
  2. Put them all into a spreadsheet and consolidate similar questions.
  3. Discard any irrelevant questions.
  4. Put aside any questions that can be fully answered in 150 words or less. These belong in your FAQs.
  5. Check the remainder against your content strategy – each appropriate question will be the topic of a new blog.

Distilling blog topics using this process works for two reasons:

  1. You’ll be answering questions people actually ask.
  2. You’ll discover queries that don’t come up in keyword research. Zero search volume keywords are especially great for easy SEO wins.