Copywriting How To

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Quick Lessons

Here’s how to create good slogans:

  1. Start with the messaging. Catchiness doesn’t matter if it clashes with the rest of the campaign/product.
  2. Write in your brand voice. A tonally wrong slogan will stand out in the worst possible way.
  3. Keep it short, snappy and memorable. Try slogans that are three to five words of two syllables or less.
  4. Brainstorm lots of options. Put aside a few hours – your slogan is the most important thing you’ll write for that campaign/product.
  5. Avoid clichés and committees. Clichés are forgettable. Advice from too many people waters down even the best writing.

P.S. Slogan =/= tagline. A slogan spearheads a specific campaign, product or service. A tagline represents your company’s brand.