Photography Basics

Real Estate Photography: The Complete Guide for 2022 May 26, 2022 by Duncan Croker This is the ultimate guide to real estate photography, designed for agents who want to sell faster.

Quick Lessons

real estate photography bedroom

If you’re selling property, you need to invest in professional photography.
Here’s why:

  1. Property listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster.
  2. Good photography boosts perceived property value by 1–1.5%.
  3. You get to save your time for what you’re good at: selling real estate.

real estate photography bedroom

Here’s what you need to know if you want drone photos for a property you’re selling:

  1. Not everyone can provide drone photography services. Make sure the agency you hire has pilots who hold an RPA operator accreditation or a remote pilot licence (RePL).
  2. Drones aren’t allowed to fly in certain zones. Your agency can tell you whether your property is cleared for drone photography.
  3. There are rules for safe drone operation. Make sure your agency is aware of those rules and is contractually responsible for upholding them.
  4. Want exceptional drone photography from a licenced operator?

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