SEO How To

Quick Lessons

How to quickly find low-hanging SEO opportunities:

  1. Create a chart in Looker Studio linked to your site’s GSC property.
  2. Set the dimensions to ‘Query’ and ‘Landing Page’.
  3. Set the metrics to ‘URL Clicks’, ‘Impressions’, and ‘Average Position’.
  4. Set the date range to the last 90 days.
  5. Add a filter with the following attributes:
    1. Exclude Average Position <= 10
    2. Exclude Average Position > 20
    3. Exclude Impressions < 200 (adjust this number to match your search landscape)
  6. Add another filter that excludes irrelevant pages. For example, you could exclude everything except product/service pages, or everything except pages with/without a given keyword in their URLs.
  7. Export the final chart to Google Sheets or Excel, then upload it to Airtable.
  8. Use prioritisation frameworks to work out which pages to optimise first.

You can sort opportunities using three frameworks:

  • Business priority (topics/offerings that have been specifically identified as high priorities)
  • Solution proximity (a score out of four that reflects how closely the query aligns with the solution you provide)
  • Journey stage (where in the buyer’s journey the topic/query sits, starting with BoFu topics and working up)

The result: you’ve got a list of data-backed search opportunities that took you ~30 minutes to create.