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A backlink, also sometimes known as an ‘inbound link’, is a link to a webpage from another website.  Backlinks are recognised as playing a major role in a website’s SEO, and, as such, are highly sought after.  Many SEOs believe Google views these links as a sign of a website’s expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

There are two types of backlinks: nofollow backlinks, which have no known SEO benefits, and dofollow backlinks, which transfer authority to linked pages.

There are also other factors that SEOs believe contribute to a backlink’s impact on a webpage.  Links that come from high-quality sites are perceived as more valued by Google, as are editorially placed links and links from sites whose content covers similar topics.


“Our website’s on-page and technical SEO is great, but I think we could work on building more backlinks.”

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