Founder’s Letter

duncan croker

Like most companies, Chevron Editing started with an idea.

Except that idea wasn’t winning advertising awards or being ‘the best in Australia’ or creating a digital marketing empire.  It was a simple idea – I wanted to help students like me get better marks by editing their assignments.

That’s right.  Chevron Editing started when I was still at Griffith University, in the final year of my creative writing degree, as a student editing service.

I realised that there were plenty of students who needed the help of a professional editor but couldn’t afford giant hourly fees.  I also realised I was pretty good at editing – good enough, as it turned out, to graduate with First Class Honours.

Editing became a nice source of side-income for me, but I quickly discovered that while I loved the art of transforming average assignments into excellent ones, it was helping people achieve results that was my true passion.

And that’s when I segued into marketing.  It’s a field where creativity and customer service collide – marketers help connect consumers with a solution for their problems, and get to have fun while doing it.  More than that, we help empower businesses to grow and expand their reach.

Fast forward a few years, and Chevron Editing has evolved from its humble beginnings.  We’re no longer just a one-man editing and writing team.

We do it all – websites, copy, SEO, corporate intelligence and more.  We’ve gone from helping students to collaborating with brands of all sizes (our clients range from a husband-and-wife vegetable business to the largest timeshare company in the world).

Most importantly, we’re still seeking lasting, meaningful relationships – I love helping businesses succeed on a holistic level, and I bring that attitude to Chevron Editing too.

We’re not Australia’s largest marketing agency, or its most technologically advanced.  We don’t have decades of experience (yet).  We don’t claim to be the best in the country (but we still like to think we’re pretty good).

What we bring to the table is passion, dedication and a commitment to excellence.  We want your brand to succeed, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to help you get there.

So, if you think we sound like the type of agency you want to work with, get in touch for an obligation-free chat.  If you’re based on the Gold Coast, I’d love to meet in person – coffee’s on me.

Duncan Croker

Founder & Content Strategist