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Learn how to proofread by working through our library of proofreading exercises.

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In a digital world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your communications are error-free – you don’t want to be responsible for a press release that goes viral because of an awkward misspelling.

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That’s why we’ve put together this collection of proofreading exercises to test your skills. Work your way up through the difficulty levels until you feel confident that you’ve mastered the required proofreading skills.

Download each exercise PDF to get started, then print it out or copy-paste it into Microsoft Word; once you’ve finished editing, cross-check the mistakes you found with the relevant answer sheet.

Good luck!

Answer sheets follow AP Stylebook conventions (where appropriate) and use British spelling. New proofreading exercises will be regularly added to this page. Note that the original sources contain the correct text – all mistakes have been added in for the purposes of the exercises.


Easy Proofreading Exercise 2

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

Easy Proofreading Exercise 3

Format: Blog Post

Source: How to Find the Noosa Fairy Pools

Exercise PDF Answers PDF

Easy Proofreading Exercise 4

Format: Blog Post

Source: Marketing for Small Businesses

Exercise PDF Answers PDF


Medium Proofreading Exercise 1

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

Medium Proofreading Exercise 2

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

Medium Proofreading Exercise 3

Format: Online Article

Source: A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

Medium Proofreading Exercise 4

Format: Online Publication

Source: Telstra s 87B Undertaking

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

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Hard Proofreading Exercise 1

Format: Academic Journal

Source: Passafaro, P. (2020). Attitudes and Tourists’ Sustainable Behavior: An Overview of the Literature and Discussion of Some Theoretical and Methodological Issues. Journal of Travel Research, 59(4), 579–601.  DOI: 10.1177/0047287519851171

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

Hard Proofreading Exercise 2

Format: Academic Journal

Source: Demirkol, S., & Cifci, I. (2020). Delving into the Role of Celebrity Chefs and Gourmets in Culinary Destination Marketing. European Journal of Tourism Research, 26, 2603.

Exercise PDF  Answers PDF

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By Duncan Croker

Duncan is a copywriter with a background in editing and storytelling. He loves collaborating with brands big and small, and thrives on the challenges of hard marketing.

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