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Our words improve the performance of Brisbane businesses.

Your customers need to trust you as a solutions provider, and they need to connect with you as a brand.

Our Brisbane copywriters make that happen.

Leading brands choose excellent copy.

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How We Help Brisbane Brands Excel

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Web Copywriting

Get website copy that leads to more conversions. We create functional copy informed by customer research, with a focus on outcomes instead of aesthetics.

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Six Reasons to Work With Chevron Editing


We’re a specialist support firm.

We aren’t a full-service marketing agency or wide-spectrum creative firm.

Instead, we concentrate our impact – and your results – by only offering services that we excel at (like copywriting).


We were founded on words.

Chevron Editing was founded to do improve business communications through concise writing and careful editing.

Crafting effective copy is what we’re best at.


You get access to our brand voice formula.

Brand voice consistency can be hard – especially when the only style guidance is ‘bubbly’, ‘professional’ or ‘helpful’.

Our four-part brand voice formula means that your words always sound like you, regardless of who’s working on them.


You empower your designers.

We don’t submit ‘raw copy’ that your designers can’t use or waste time creating elaborate mockups.

Instead, we enable better, faster design by delivering all copy with shortcode markup, our text-based formatting language.


We focus on revenue.

The true measure of copy is taken in the wild – on websites, in social feeds, and across billboards.

By tying our copy back to revenue through hybrid attribution, we make sure you’re not wasting budget on toothless writing.


Our founder writes all your copy.

We don’t outsource copywriting, delegate it to fresh university graduates, or use AI writing tools.

Our founder, Duncan Croker, personally writes every word for our clients.

Get your free website analysis.

Tell us about your brand, submit your URL, and we’ll email you a seven-page PDF with actionable recommendations.

No follow-up sales calls or emails – just free insights to improve how your website converts.

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SEO Copywriting

Brisbane SEO Copywriting

For many buyers, Google still plays a critical role in researching solutions and comparing vendors.

And, if that’s the case for your ideal customers, you need a search-optimised site to drive revenue.

The most important part of modern SEO:

Thoughtfully written copy that appeals to both Google and buyers.

That means going beyond keyword research and AI writing tools.

You need an entity-based approach to optimisation, combined with compelling language that captures your brand’s identity and builds trust with buyers.

Book a free consultation to learn how our Brisbane-based copywriters can help.

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email copywriting

Email Copywriting

Newsletters and E-Commerce Email Writing

Email is often the forgotten child of marketing strategies:

The channel that gets pumped full of redistributed content and desperate-sounding re-engagement mailers because your CEO thinks “we should build an email list”.

But treating email like an afterthought won’t deliver results.

You need a dedicated strategy that delivers real value for readers.

You need consistent, high-quality ideas.

And you need excellent copywriting tailored to email as a medium – not recycled social soundbites.

Don’t waste budget on ineffective email marketing.

Ask how our Brisbane copywriters can craft high-impact letters that tie back to revenue.

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Sensational Content Solutions

“Duncan at Chevron Editing has done a sensational job for us. We are now using his service on an on-going basis. He does thorough research and comes up with content solutions for us. I would no doubt recommend his service to everyone.”

Apivut Chakuthip

General Manager, SleepHive

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InHanced for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Bio Writing

For most Brisbane businesses, LinkedIn is an overlooked opportunity:

A networking and B2B sales platform with 875 million users … that they’re barely active on.

But making LinkedIn work as a marketing and sales channel doesn’t happen overnight.

If you want your people to start posting, you need a catalyst – something that makes LinkedIn evangelism easy.

And that’s where InHanced comes in.

By fully optimising the profiles of your sales and marketing staff, you can give them the confidence they need to start sharing your brand’s message online.

Find out how you can use InHanced to create everything from LinkedIn bios to content roadmaps for you and your team.

Learn more about InHanced

linkedin bio written with InHanced


Brisbane Copywriting Packages

All prices quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).

Per Hour Pricing

$65per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research available

On-page SEO available

Low-fidelity wireframes available

Simple Website Package

Our Simple Website Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

Up to five web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Two rounds of revisions

Advanced Website Package

Lay the foundations for a new site with our Advanced Website Package.

Up to six web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Full-website visual sitemap

Two rounds of revisions

flavour creations header header

Brand: Flavour Creations

Industry: Medical Nutrition

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (About Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Flavour Creations is the global leader in dysphagia nutrition, with an increasing focus on other forms of targeted and medical nutrition.

We created the copy for the ‘About’ page as part of a complete site rebuild in 2021.

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View this sample in the wild

centred capital header

Brand: Centred Capital

Industry: Financial Services

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Home Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Centred Capital is a diversified property fund that helps investors achieve regular income and long-term capital growth through strategic property development.

Their ‘Home’ page copy was written as part of a full website copywriting and IM refinement project.

Read Sample

helloteams header

Brand: Shuttle on behalf of HelloTeams

Industry: SaaS

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Product Page)

Time to Completion: 1 hour

Scenario: HelloTeams is a leading provider of Teams Phone automation software.

Their platform, TCAP, helps SMEs and enterprises deploy Teams Phone in just 15 minutes without any engineers or coding.

This page was written to showcase their direct routing solution as part of an ongoing website rebuild project.

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tpm header

Brand: Total Project Management

Industry: Construction and Engineering

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Total Project Management is an integrated roof repair and claims management service.

Their goal: to streamline the repairs and payouts process for Queenslanders affected by extreme weather events.

As part of a broader website rebuild, this page was written to help users searching for hail damage services find TPM.

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bell legal group header

Brand: Bell Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 3.5 hours

Scenario: Bell Legal Group is one of the Gold Coast’s largest law firms, helping clients undertake everything from IP protection to family provision claims.

As part of their ongoing SEO efforts, we crafted new copy for outdated service pages that helped increase both SERP rankings and conversion rates.

This page was written to promote their elder abuse prevention capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Copywriting Questions

Got a frequently asked question about copywriting? We’ve probably answered it on our copywriting services page.

If you’re in market for a copywriter, you have four options:

  • Generative AI tools like ChatGPT
  • Freelance copywriters
  • Full-service marketing agencies (who have internal copywriters)
  • Specialist support firms

If ChatGPT was placed on a copywriting bell curve, it would be better than the bottom ~50% of copywriters. It can help solopreneurs and micro-businesses with low budgets quickly craft average-sounding copy (but avoid using raw AI output on websites that are designed to rank in organic search).

For a project with a predetermined strategy that require a skilled technician to execute, a freelance copywriter can be a good choice. Keep in mind that freelancers vary hugely in quality and price – make sure you review samples and project completion times before hiring anyone you haven’t worked with before.

Full-service marketing agencies are the best choice for hands-off projects. Although costs for full-service agencies are significantly higher than for freelancers, you won’t have to manage the project yourself. Agencies often don’t employ senior copywriters due to retention costs, so make sure you check which writers will be working on your project before you sign anything.

Specialist support firms (also known as boutique marketing agencies) combine the flexibility and quality of leading freelancers with the processes and strategic insights of agencies. They typically specialise in a specific discipline, like writing or content creation, which means they don’t have the quality control issues that many broad-spectrum agencies do.

Exactly which of those four options is best depends on your project, your budget, the required quality of the deliverables, and the level of involvement you want.

Need help deciding which option is right for you? Book a free 30-minute strategy session with a content strategist here.

‘SEO copywriting’ (also known as ‘web copywriting’) is a term marketers use when they talk about copy that’s optimised for performance on Google and other search engines. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of optimising a website to achieve the best possible position in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages), and on-page SEO (optimising a webpage’s text and images) is a big part of that.

That’s where SEO copywriters come in. They make sure your website’s words are both human- and search engine-friendly – you don’t want to climb to the top of the SERPs only to lose most of your prospects to poorly worded copy.

When digital marketing was still a young industry, the term ‘SEO copywriter’ was used to differentiate specialist web writers from ordinary copywriters. Now, in an increasingly digital world, most copywriters are SEO copywriters, because a comprehensive understanding of on-page SEO is essential for producing website copy that actually generates results.

SEO copywriters use several different strategies to make their words easier for search engines to understand.

  • They make use of paid keyword research software like Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools help their users find out which keywords people are searching for, which lets SEO copywriters optimise their copy accordingly.
  • They structure their writing logically. Search engine algorithms process information very differently from humans, but structuring information logically is useful for both types of readers! Good information architecture can make a big difference to how well Google and other search algorithms understand writing.
  • They cover concepts holistically. Search engines aim to serve people the most-helpful content, so web copy that covers a topic in its entirety is more likely to rank well.

While most freelance copywriters have the tools and experience to write for both search engines and humans, it’s important to ask contractors the right questions before you get them to write a website for you.

Good question. Many people get copywriters and content writers confused, because they both have similar jobs (and many copywriters also write content, like us).

A copywriter will write copy for your business, which is text designed to get people to buy your product or service. A content writer, on the other hand, creates written content for the purpose of helping, entertaining and inspiring your customers – they’ll form the basis of your content marketing strategy.

Copywriting and content writing use different skillsets. Although both require a proficiency with words, copywriting needs a greater understanding of marketing, sales and consumer psychology, while content writing benefits from strong research skills and good information architecture.


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