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Your customers need to trust you as a solutions provider, and they need to connect with you as a brand.

Our Brisbane copywriters make that happen.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting isn’t complex sentences and catchy jingles. It isn’t listing your business’s selling points. And it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘copyright’.

Copywriting goes beyond putting words to paper (although that’s definitely part of the process). It’s the art of understanding your target audience, answering the questions they haven’t even thought of, and encouraging them to take action.

Well-written copy combines psychology and customer experience with branding and perfect communication skills. Strategists engage with concepts. Marketers deal with delivery. Good copywriters do both.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for words for your website, text for your ads, or a tagline to carry your company – professional copy is an asset designed to both deliver conversions and enhance your brand.

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Where We Can Help Brisbane Businesses


Web Pages

Email Campaigns

Sales Letters

Real Estate Listings

Taglines and Mottos


Looking for a different service?  It might be listed under Content Writing or one of our other pages.

Why Our Brisbane Copywriters Are Different

Our Brisbane copywriters help businesses like yours stand out in Queensland’s most crowded market. 

Multinational establishing a new corporate base? Local business trying to attract a few more loyal customers? We’d love to collaborate with you.

We know every client is unique. That’s why we take the time to learn about you and your business before we start writing.  We’ll ask you questions like:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What’s your solution?
  • Who are you solving the problem for?
  • Why is your solution better than others?

But most good copywriters do that. We take things a step further, on both ends of the scale.

From a managerial standpoint, we work with you to fully understand your business – not just the operational details, but the big stuff, the corporate strategy that keeps your organisation moving.

From a technical perspective, we’ll go over the things that keep your copy anchored to your brand, like your textual style guide and your brand voice.

Those two skills differentiate us from 90% of our competitors.

But here’s one more reason to choose us: we’re an inbound marketing firm, which means we don’t just look at copywriting in isolation. We know your website needs to appeal to both humans and search engines – just like we know that spending a whole day writing a single marketing email isn’t reasonable.

We get the big picture, so we get what your brand really needs.

And, in copywriting, that’s what drives the divide between ‘pretty good’ and ‘downright excellent’.

Words From Our Clients

Apivut Chakuthip

Head of Marketing, Revitalife

“Duncan at Chevron Editing has done a sensational job for us. We are now using his service on an on-going basis. He does thorough research and comes up with content solutions for us. I would no doubt recommend his service to everyone.”

Brisbane Copywriting Pricing

Please note that we have a minimum project price of $50, regardless of how many words your project is or how long it takes us to edit it. All prices quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).

Per Word Pricing

From $0.4per word
Per-word pricing means never going over budget - perfect for tightly-run projects.

Matched to your brand voice

For businesses big and small

Clear information architecture

Per Hour Pricing

$50per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Matched to your brand voice

For businesses big and small

Clear information architecture

Website Copywriting Package

Our Website Copywriting Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

5 Pages

300-500 words per page

Matched to your brand voice

Keyword Research

On-page SEO

2 rounds of revisions

Frequently Asked Copywriting Questions

Got a frequently asked question about copywriting? We’ve probably answered it on our copywriting services page.

‘SEO copywriting’ (also known as ‘web copywriting’) is a term marketers use when they talk about copy that’s optimised for performance on Google and other search engines. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of optimising a website to achieve the best possible position in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages), and on-page SEO (optimising a webpage’s text and images) is a big part of that.

That’s where SEO copywriters come in. They make sure your website’s words are both human- and search engine-friendly – you don’t want to climb to the top of the SERPs only to lose most of your prospects to poorly worded copy.

When digital marketing was still a young industry, the term ‘SEO copywriter’ was used to differentiate specialist web writers from ordinary copywriters. Now, in an increasingly digital world, most copywriters are SEO copywriters, because a comprehensive understanding of on-page SEO is essential for producing website copy that actually generates results.

SEO copywriters use several different strategies to make their words easier for search engines to understand.

  • They make use of paid keyword research software like Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools help their users find out which keywords people are searching for, which lets SEO copywriters optimise their copy accordingly.
  • They structure their writing logically. Search engine algorithms process information very differently from humans, but structuring information logically is useful for both types of readers! Good information architecture can make a big difference to how well Google and other search algorithms understand writing.
  • They cover concepts holistically. Search engines aim to serve people the most-helpful content, so web copy that covers a topic in its entirety is more likely to rank well.

While most freelance copywriters have the tools and experience to write for both search engines and humans, it’s important to ask contractors the right questions before you get them to write a website for you.

Good question. Many people get copywriters and content writers confused, because they both have similar jobs (and many copywriters also write content, like us).

A copywriter will write copy for your business, which is text designed to get people to buy your product or service. A content writer, on the other hand, creates written content for the purpose of helping, entertaining and inspiring your customers – they’ll form the basis of your content marketing strategy.

Copywriting and content writing use different skillsets. Although both require a proficiency with words, copywriting needs a greater understanding of marketing, sales and consumer psychology, while content writing benefits from strong research skills and good information architecture.

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