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SEO Content

Support your landing pages, shorten the purchase journey, and increase brand awareness with search-optimised articles.

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seo content

SEO Content

Reach Buyers Who Research With Google

AI is changing the SEO landscape, but most buyers still use organic search in their purchase journeys.

And the key to reaching them is through quality content – articles that rank and convert equally well.

To make that happen, we take an entity-based approach to SEO content writing.

It’s traditional keyword research blended with strong buyer research and deep topical knowledge.

Because revenue isn’t something that drives itself.

It’s a corollary of quality content, informed by buyers and crafted by specialists.

Google is hyper-focused on content that genuinely helps users.

So are we.

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content writing services
chaff content versus kernel content

Our Position

What Makes Content ‘Quality’?

Every marketing firm says they create ‘quality content’ … but every definition of ‘quality’ is different.

Our position is that all marketing content falls into two buckets: ‘chaff content’ (content that is ineffective) and ‘kernel content’ (content that drives the right outcomes).

Kernel content has four key traits:

  • It’s technically competent.
  • It’s unique.
  • It adds value.
  • It supports marketing outcomes.

Read more about the kernel–chaff rubric

apivut chakuthip

Sensational Content Solutions

“Duncan at Chevron Editing has done a sensational job for us. We are now using his service on an on-going basis. He does thorough research and comes up with content solutions for us. I would no doubt recommend his service to everyone.”

Apivut Chakuthip

General Manager, SleepHive

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Content Strategies

Develop. Deliver. Distribute.

Creating quality content shouldn’t rely on random flashes of inspiration.

It needs to follow a clear roadmap – a process that spans the lifecycle of content from ideation to maintenance.

We ground our strategies in circular content principles, which treat your content pieces as business assets instead of single-use deliverables.

That means greater impact.

Fewer resources.

And a way to get value even from obsolete content.

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content lifecycle
content hygiene

Content Hygiene

Maximise Your Content Assets’ Performance

Website content should be treated like any other business asset: regularly assessed and optimised for ROI.


Unlike content distributed via social media or email, website content has a long lifespan.

That means it can contribute to revenue for years after first being posted – provided you do maintain it.

But good content hygiene – keeping a maintenance calendar, performing content audits, and implementing cost-effective updates – isn’t easy.

You need the right processes, the right people, and a way to demonstrate ROI to your executive team.

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Content Writing Packages

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

Per Hour Pricing

$65per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal for complex projects.

Matched to your brand voice

For businesses big and small

Clear information architecture

In-depth research

Blog Post Package

Our Blog Post Package makes quality website content simple.

1 blog post (1,000 - 1,300 words)

Upload to common CMSs

1 custom image

Matched to your brand voice

Keyword research

On-page SEO

2 rounds of revisions

Monthly Blog Subscription

$1,450per month
Streamline production with a monthly subscription.

4 blog posts (1,000 - 1,300 words)

Delivered every Friday by 9 a.m.

1 custom image per blog

No lock-in subscription

Keyword research

On-page SEO

2 rounds of revisions

bell legal group header

Brand: Bell Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services

Content Type: Blog (Case Analysis)

Time to Completion: 3.5 hours

Scenario: Bell Legal Group is one of the Gold Coast’s oldest and largest civil law firms.

Our breakdown of the ACCC’s appeal against workplace advisory firm Employsure helped business leaders understand the implications of the decision, showcasing BLG’s expertise in the process.

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actioncoach header

Brand: ActionCOACH

Industry: Professional Services

Content Type: Blog (SEO)

Time to Completion: 5.25 hours

Scenario: ActionCOACH is the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 coaches in over 80 countries.

As part of a major digital project for ActionCOACH ANZ, which encompassed a new content strategy, a new website, and multiple content assets, we targeted commercially important keywords with SEO blogs.

‘How to Start a B2B Coaching Business in Australia’ was written as a pillar piece as part of a business coaching content cluster.

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sleep hive header

Brand: SleepHive

Industry: Bedding

Content Type: Article (Industry Print Publication)

Time to Completion: 5 hours

Scenario: SleepHive is one of Australia’s leading sleep solutions manufacturers. Their product range focuses on luxury adjustable beds, mattresses, and adjustable chairs.

SleepHive works closely with the allied health sector to make their sleep solutions available to both older Australians and people with disabilities.

As part of that relationship, this article was written for Connections, an industry publication for occupational therapists.

The goal was to nurture demand for adjustable beds among OTs. Critically, we also introduced the sub-category of ‘enhanced adjustable beds’, which have health-enhancing features that standard adjustable beds lack.

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alic header

Brand: Shuttle on behalf of ALIC

Industry: Financial Services

Content Type: Blog (Thought Leadership)

Time to Completion: 2.25 hours

Scenario: ALIC is one of Australia’s most awarded mortgage brokerages.

This article was written for their commercial lending brand, ALICBlack, as a way to showcase the company’s understanding of the unique challenges facing SMB developers.

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pingco header

Brand: Shuttle on behalf of PingCo

Industry: Telecommunications

Content Type: Blog (Thought Leadership)

Time to Completion: 5 hours

Scenario: PingCo is a SaaS startup that has successfully disrupted the Microsoft voice space with its fully automated platform for Teams Phone, TCAP.

This article was written for telco CIOs to seed demand for cloud transformations, and to position TCAP as a key part of the solution.

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epona header

Brand: Marvel Marketing on behalf of Epona Co.

Industry: Furniture

Content Type: Blog (SEO)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Epona Co. is a Sunshine Coast-based outdoor beanbag manufacturer.

This blog was written to seed demand for outdoor beanbags by piggybacking off existing search demand for keywords like ‘backyard relaxing ideas’.

It also needed to be suitable for repurposing as Instagram posts.

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alic header

Brand: Flavour Creations

Industry: Medical Nutrition

Content Type: Blog (Thought Leadership)

Time to Completion: 4.75 hours

Scenario: Flavour Creations is the global leader in dysphagia nutrition, with an increasing focus on other forms of targeted and medical nutrition.

We wrote this article to help educate aged care leaders about the potential causes of and solutions to unplanned weight loss among residents (a key concern identified by the Royal Commission).

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Content Writing Questions

To understand why content marketing works, it’s important to understand that it’s one of the two main modes of marketing.

The other mode, interruptive or outbound marketing, involves seizing buyer attention and holding it long enough to communicate an offer. Interruptive marketing only works when buyers are looking for a solutions provider (versus learning about their problem or possible solutions). The problem: just ~5% of your ideal customers are actually looking for a solutions provider at any one time.

Content marketing, by contrast, doesn’t normally involve an offer at all. Instead, it provides free value to your ideal customers through content – an asset or experience where the primary goal is to educate, entertain or inspire the consumer (not convert them to a paying customer). This means content marketing can be relevant for 100% of your target market instead of just 5%.

The cost of content writing can vary hugely depending on the writer, the industry, the length of content, and the amount of research. Although you can find content writers on platforms like Fiverr offering very low hourly rates, you’ll probably get better results using AI.

For quality content writing, you can expect to pay upwards of AU$250 per 1,500 words. Articles that require in-depth research (either via SME interviews or literature reviews) will likely cost substantially more, as will articles for highly technical industries like law, finance, IT and engineering.

Many experienced writers will charge $500–$600 for a typical 1,500-word article, while subject specialists or in-demand creators often charge over $1,000 per 1,500 words.

To measure the success of content writing, you need to look at two types of metrics: leading indicators and lagging indicators.

Leading indicators are proxy metrics. Because content writing doesn’t convert readers to customers instantly, there’s lag between content consumption and content impact – leading indicators help fill in that gap by giving you an idea of how well the content is performing right now.

Examples of leading indicators include organic search impressions, click-through rate, page views, and time on page. While we don’t know whether a page view will actually lead to a sale, for example, we know that there’s a correlation between the two, so more page views is a good indicator that the content will lead to purchases in the future. You can check your leading indicators using software like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Lagging indicators, on the other hand, tell you whether content did contribute to sales or not. Isolating the impact of individual content assets on revenue is both difficult and a bad idea. After all, it’s very rare that a single asset takes a buyer all the way from unawareness of their problem to the point of sale; normally, it’s a combination of assets and collateral from multiple channels.

Instead, a better way to gauge the effectiveness of your content is to measure the number of leads that originate from each marketing channel (for example, organic search/SEO). You can do this using hybrid attribution (a combination of self-reported attribution and software-based attribution). If you’re running an e-commerce business, you can use hybrid attribution for new customer accounts instead.

Yes, if you write your own content, we can certainly edit it. We offer four levels of editing:

  • structural editing (reviewing the piece from a marketing perspective and making substantial recommendations about direction, structure and efficacy)
  • copy editing (polishing your writing at a line level and fixing mistakes)
  • editorial proofreading (fixing grammatical and stylistic mistakes and reworking unclear sentences)
  • general proofreading (fixing mistakes).

Each one has a different role to play in your content production process.

Almost every piece of marketing collateral should undergo a structural edit/marketing review and a round of proofreading. Larger or higher-value content assets, such as reports or position pieces, will normally benefit from one or more rounds of copy editing as well.


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