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Web Copywriting

Get website copy that leads to more conversions. We create functional copy informed by customer research, with a focus on outcomes instead of aesthetics.

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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of creating text on websites, advertisements and other related mediums.

It’s one of the most important elements of your marketing, and, done well, is what turns casual visitors into paying customers.

Copywriting isn’t about stringing buzzwords together to create a message packed with corporate jargon.

It’s not about hard sales or cramming information down readers’ throats.

It’s about inspiring, engaging and captivating.

People won’t buy your product or follow a CTA just because you’ve told them how good you are, but they will listen to a story.

And when that story guides them to a conclusion – that your business is the one that can help them – they’ll take action.

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Design Enablement

Copy That Helps Your Designers Excel

Translating copy straight from Word or Docs into web pages isn’t easy – especially when your design team don’t know what the copywriter was thinking.

That’s our website copy is always formatted using shortcode markup.

It helps both designers and marketers understand the intended page layout, streamlining your go-live workflow.

If you’re handing the copy straight to developers, we can provide low-fidelity wireframes as well.

No more misaligned web pages or design headaches – just excellent writing that enables your team to do their best work.


Good copy is about more than “keeping it simple”.

brand voice formula

Brand Voice Formula

Brand voice consistency can be hard – especially when the only style guidance is ‘bubbly’, ‘professional’ or ‘helpful’.

Our four-part brand voice formula means that your words always sound like you, regardless of who’s working on them.

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Litmus Tests

Even excellent writing needs tempering through quality assurance.

Our litmus test system means that we can scale output while maintaining the standard that keeps our clients coming back.

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Focus on Revenue

The true measure of copy is taken in the wild – on websites, in social feeds, and across billboards.

By tying our copy back to revenue pipeline through hybrid attribution, we make sure you’re not wasting budget on toothless writing.

Textual Style Guides

Keep Your Team’s Grammar and Style Consistent

Grammar and style – the rules that govern the way we write – can vary between different people.

A textual style guide provides a single source of grammatical truth for you and your team.

With clear, practical rules based on a mainstream guide of your choice, we make it simple for your marketing to look and feel consistent – no matter who’s behind the keyboard.

Our textual style guides are designed to be ‘live’ documents that evolve with your team’s needs, with delivery available in four cloud-based formats.

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Sensational Content Solutions

“Duncan at Chevron Editing has done a sensational job for us. We are now using his service on an on-going basis. He does thorough research and comes up with content solutions for us. I would no doubt recommend his service to everyone.”

Apivut Chakuthip

General Manager, SleepHive

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Copywriting Packages

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

Per Hour Pricing

$65per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research available

On-page SEO available

Low-fidelity wireframes available

Simple Website Package

Our Simple Website Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

Up to five web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Two rounds of revisions

Advanced Website Package

Lay the foundations for a new site with our Advanced Website Package.

Up to six web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Full-website visual sitemap

Two rounds of revisions

flavour creations header header

Brand: Flavour Creations

Industry: Medical Nutrition

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (About Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Flavour Creations is the global leader in dysphagia nutrition, with an increasing focus on other forms of targeted and medical nutrition.

We created the copy for the ‘About’ page as part of a complete site rebuild in 2021.

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View this sample in the wild

centred capital header

Brand: Centred Capital

Industry: Financial Services

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Home Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Centred Capital is a diversified property fund that helps investors achieve regular income and long-term capital growth through strategic property development.

Their ‘Home’ page copy was written as part of a full website copywriting and IM refinement project.

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helloteams header

Brand: Shuttle on behalf of HelloTeams

Industry: SaaS

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Product Page)

Time to Completion: 1 hour

Scenario: HelloTeams is a leading provider of Teams Phone automation software.

Their platform, TCAP, helps SMEs and enterprises deploy Teams Phone in just 15 minutes without any engineers or coding.

This page was written to showcase their direct routing solution as part of an ongoing website rebuild project.

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tpm header

Brand: Total Project Management

Industry: Construction and Engineering

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Total Project Management is an integrated roof repair and claims management service.

Their goal: to streamline the repairs and payouts process for Queenslanders affected by extreme weather events.

As part of a broader website rebuild, this page was written to help users searching for hail damage services find TPM.

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bell legal group header

Brand: Bell Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 3.5 hours

Scenario: Bell Legal Group is one of the Gold Coast’s largest law firms, helping clients undertake everything from IP protection to family provision claims.

As part of their ongoing SEO efforts, we crafted new copy for outdated service pages that helped increase both SERP rankings and conversion rates.

This page was written to promote their elder abuse prevention capabilities.

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actioncoach header

Brand: ActionCOACH

Industry: Professional Services

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Home Page)

Time to Completion: 3.5 hours

Scenario: ActionCOACH is the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 coaches in over 80 countries.

As part of a major digital initiative, we helped ActionCOACH ANZ create new content strategy, a new website, and content assets such as SEO articles and white papers.

This Home page was drafted as part of their new website, which focused more heavily on a subscription-style coaching offering than previous iterations.

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Frequently Asked Copywriting Questions

SEO copywriting is actually very similar to normal copywriting – in fact, the words you see on the page shouldn’t read any differently at all.

SEO copywriting is still written using your brand voice and still relies on having a clear understanding of the target audience. The magic of SEO happens behind the scenes.

Before the copy is written, the copywriter will conduct research and identify a keyword they want that page to rank for. A keyword is a search term that customers type into Google (and other search engines) to find your website – for example, you might have found this page by typing in “copywriter gold coast”.

Once the target keyword are identified, the copywriter weaves it throughout your copy and places it into your headings, along with synonyms and semantic keywords.

Done correctly, SEO copywriting helps customers searching the Internet find you instead of your competitors.

It’s important to remember that SEO-friendly copy probably won’t be enough to get you ranked by itself. It needs to be integrated with a broader SEO strategy that includes technical and external SEO.

It’s all in the name – microcopy is small, quiet and often unnoticed. It’s the user experience (UX) text found throughout websites in places like forms, tooltips, menus, error pages, checkout pages and so on.

Even though microcopy might seem unworthy of a place in your marketing budget, it’s been proven to have significant impacts on conversion rates, and neglecting it can lead to serious UX ramifications.

Instructions and information are essential for shepherding customers further down your marketing funnel, so it’s important your website’s microcopy is clean, coherent and on-brand.

Yes, we can. Our clients come from a diversity of backgrounds, such as agriculture, retail, tourism, hospitality and nutrition, and we’re always looking to forge new partnerships in other industries.

The great thing about copywriting is that the goal is always the same: to bring people closer to your brand.

Our techniques aren’t just limited to one niche – we’ve used them successfully across a range of fields, and, when we combine them with brand-specific information, we produce truly excellent copy that helps your business stand out.

We’d love to learn more about you and your company, so, if you think we’d work well together, schedule an obligation-free chat with us.

Just head to our contact page, send us an email, and we’ll be in touch.


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