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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting (not to be confused with ‘copyright’, an unrelated legal term) is the art of creating text on websites, advertisements and other related mediums. It’s one of the most important elements of your marketing, and, done well, is what turns casual visitors into paying customers.

Copywriting isn’t about stringing buzz-words together to create a message packed with corporate jargon. It’s not about hard sales, or cramming information down readers’ throats.

It’s about inspiring, engaging and captivating. People won’t buy your product or follow a CTA just because you’ve told them how good you are, but they will listen to a story.

And when that story guides them to a conclusion – that your business is the one that can help them – they’ll take action.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?  It might be listed under Content Writing or one of our other pages.  Don’t worry – if it involves putting words to paper, we can help you.

Why Choose Chevron Editing?

As Gold Coast copywriters, we’re used to helping businesses large and small stand out in an increasingly-crowded market. It’s not enough just to have a USP – you need to be able to seize the attention of visitors and turn that attention into actionable leads.

We know that storytelling lies at the heart of good marketing, and we take the time to understand what makes your company and your product special. Once we’ve worked out the basics, we get to work.

Our copywriters are fast, effective and highly skilled, and can easily adapt their style and form to suit different customer bases. No matter where you are, and no matter what your business, we’re confident we can deliver amazing copy that will elevate your marketing to the next level.

What Our Clients Say About Our Copywriting

“Sensational Job”

Duncan at Chevron Editing has done a sensational job for us. We are now using his service on an on-going basis. He does thorough research and comes up with content solutions for us. I would no doubt recommend his service to everyone.

Apivut Chakuthip

Copywriting Pricing Options

Please note that we have a minimum project price of $50, regardless of how many words your project is or how long it takes us to edit it. All prices quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).

Per Hour Pricing

$60per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Matched to your brand voice

For businesses big and small

Clear information architecture

Website Copywriting Package

Our Website Copywriting Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

5 Pages

300-500 words per page

Matched to your brand voice

Keyword Research

On-page SEO

2 rounds of revisions

Frequently Asked Copywriting Questions

SEO copywriting is actually very similar to normal copywriting - in fact, the words you see on the page shouldn’t read any differently at all.

SEO copywriting is still written using your brand voice and still relies on having a clear understanding of the target audience. The magic of SEO happens behind the scenes.

Before the copy is written, the copywriter will conduct research and identify a keyword they want that page to rank for. A keyword is a search term that customers type into Google (and other search engines) to find your website - for example, you might have found this page by typing in “copywriter gold coast”.

Once the target keyword are identified, the copywriter weaves it throughout your copy and places it into your headings, along with synonyms and semantic keywords.

Done correctly, SEO copywriting helps customers searching the Internet find you instead of your competitors.

It’s important to remember that SEO-friendly copy probably won’t be enough to get you ranked by itself. It needs to be integrated with a broader SEO strategy that includes technical and external SEO.

It’s all in the name - microcopy is small, quiet and often unnoticed. It’s the user experience (UX) text found throughout websites in places like forms, tooltips, menus, error pages, checkout pages and so on.

Even though microcopy might seem unworthy of a place in your marketing budget, it’s been proven to have significant impacts on conversion rates, and neglecting it can lead to serious UX ramifications.

Instructions and information are essential for shepherding customers further down your marketing funnel, so it’s important your website’s microcopy is clean, coherent and on-brand.

Yes, we can! Our clients come from a diversity of backgrounds, like agriculture, retail, tourism, hospitality and nutrition, and we’re always looking to forge new partnerships in other industries.

The great thing about copywriting is that the goal is always the same: to bring people closer to your brand.

Our techniques aren’t just limited to one niche – we’ve used them successfully across a range of fields, and, when we combine them with brand-specific information, we produce truly excellent copy that helps your business stand out.

We’d love to learn more about you and your company, so, if you think we’d work well together, schedule an obligation-free chat with us.

Just head to our contact page, shoot us an email, and we’ll be in touch.

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