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InHanced™ for LinkedIn

Too many marketing teams have a chronic LinkedIn problem.

They’ve got access to a networking and B2B sales platform with 875 million users – but they can’t get their team members active.

InHanced is the catalyst your people need to start evangelising on LinkedIn.

How InHanced Works

InHanced is how marketing leaders lay the groundwork for LinkedIn evangelism.

Too many teams get caught up in technical work – they don’t have the time to stop, pause, and set themselves up for success on social.

Instead, they create mental excuses.

“I can’t start posting yet – I need to write a bio first.”

“My profile picture is so old. I feel uncomfortable putting myself out there.”

“I’m not a thought leader. I don’t have ideas worth sharing.”

InHanced transforms those excuses into accelerants.

You can’t force your team to evangelise your brand’s message on LinkedIn.

But you can create an environment that makes doing so easy.

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What’s Available With InHanced?

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Profile Writing


Professional Headshots


Headline Suggestions and Background Images


Corporate Website Bios


Content Roadmaps

Who Is InHanced For?


Marketing Teams


Sales Teams


Founders and Executives


Individual Contributors

LinkedIn Profile Writing

The best LinkedIn profiles are written like LinkedIn posts:

They seize attention with the first and second lines.

Then they hold it by sparking curiosity – the trigger to click ‘See More’.

That’s when they deliver their message.

A summary of achievements, awards, and experience that creates instant credibility.

An engaging perspective on a topical issue.

A narrative that leads readers to a specific conclusion.

Because a LinkedIn profile isn’t really about its subject.

It’s about the people reading it – the recruiters who want to hire you, the peers who want to learn from you, the buyers who want to work with you.

Make sure they leave your page with the right message.

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Profile Creation Process

fill out a form

Intake Survey

Complete a 12-point intake survey to help us understand who you are and what you want to achieve with LinkedIn.

get your profile written


Get three headline options and a professionally crafted profile that matches your style and tone of voice.

request changes and edits


Leverage two included rounds of revisions to ensure that your profile fully reflects your personal and professional preferences.

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Professional LinkedIn Headshots

Professional headshots have two main benefits:

They establish trust, helping people identify the human behind the ideas. Posting on LinkedIn builds credibility. Doing it with a good headshot builds connection.

And they enhance your professionalism. High-resolution images with the right styling and lighting can help reinforce your team’s image as high performers.

Most importantly, though, good headshots build confidence, making it more likely your people will start posting.

Get in touch to ask about fixed-price on-site or in-studio shoots by our Gold Coast photographers.

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Headline Suggestions and Background Images

Every InHanced Profile purchase includes a complimentary headline suggestion and LinkedIn-optimised background image.

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linkedin content roadmap

LinkedIn Content Roadmaps

Your team have the expertise – but condensing that knowledge into LinkedIn posts is hard.

With an InHanced content roadmap, you can give them the inspiration they need.

Each roadmap comes with six post ideas and four content pillars, making it easy to get started and keep going.

We combine your business goals with research on the best-performing LinkedIn profiles in your vertical, leading to high-quality ideas that your team will feel confident executing.

You’ll also receive an InHanced posting guide that summarises proven best practices in an easy-to-implement format.

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InHanced Pricing

Please note that InHanced is currently in beta.

In Beta

LinkedIn Profile

$300per profile

An InHanced profile is the easiest way to catalyse your team’s LinkedIn efforts.

An ‘About’ section of up to 300 words

Two rounds of revisions

Three headline options

One background image in a JPG format

In Beta

LinkedIn Content Roadmap

Add on for $120per profile

Make consistent posting easy with a roadmap that’s matched to your industry

Four content pillars with explanations

Six ideas for LinkedIn posts

An InHanced posting guide in a PDF format

Corporate Website Bio

Add on for $60per profile

Refresh your website’s staff pages with voice-matched corporate bios.

A corporate bio of up to 300 words

Two rounds of revisions

Title tag, meta-description, and URL for the profile page included

Matched to your existing style guide

For photography pricing and availability, contact us.

InHanced Frequently Asked Questions

InHanced delivers marketing assets developed by content specialists. Each asset is fully developed by humans (not AI) and is grounded in research about you and your vertical.

We created InHanced for marketing and sales teams who want to use LinkedIn to drive revenue, and our pricing reflects that. If you don’t think you need a commercial-grade profile, see the below question.

Yes, you can. ChatGPT and other AI tools are a great starting point, especially if you’re not a professional writer. If ChatGPT was placed on a copywriting bell curve, it would beat the bottom 50% of copywriters – and it’s free and near-instant. Try it out for yourself.

InHanced, though, is designed for teams who need profiles beyond AI’s capabilities. Our 12-point intake survey is designed to capture the totality of each team member’s individual goals, experiences and perspectives. The ideas we communicate aren’t ripped from generic datasets, either – they’re carefully crafted based on analysis of your vertical and the input you give us, with copyright belonging entirely to you/your company.

Importantly, InHanced also supports your team’s digital growth through add-ons like professional headshots and content roadmaps. AI is a great tool, but it’s not a replacement for professional marketers (at least, not yet).

Your team members are like plants. You can’t force them to grow, but you can create an environment that helps them do so.

The same principle applies to LinkedIn. Your team members still own their LinkedIn profiles, but, through steps like InHanced, you can help them to take advantage of the platform.

Other ways to motivate your team include:

  • Highlight the business benefits that come from using LinkedIn effectively. If you’re in an organisation where individual credit matters, implement self-reported attribution.
  • Tell them about the personal benefits of using LinkedIn. Building a strong personal brand insulates your people against economic uncertainty, makes them more desirable to retain, and can even help them negotiate for promotions or compensation.
  • Pay for a LinkedIn course or speaker. For some people, a structured format or an in-person explanation can help motivate them.
  • Carve out space in their day for LinkedIn. Often, it’s a lack of time that stops people from getting started. Schedule half an hour each day (for example, 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) for your team to create a post, network, and engage with others on LinkedIn. Make it a non-negotiable habit, and progress will follow.

The best place to learn more about using LinkedIn is on LinkedIn. Follow creators like Justin Welsh and Chris Walker, post daily, experiment, and learn. The more deliberate, focused time you spend on the platform, the better you’ll get at using LinkedIn for business.

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