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More inspections booked. Less time spent writing.

The average buyer looks at around 27 listings before booking an inspection – so you need to do everything you can to make your property pique their interest.

Outsourcing your copywriting also saves you time.

Time that you could spend pitching to sellers, talking to buyers, and closing deals.

You know how to sell. We know how to write.

Find out how we can save you time and help you sell faster.


How We Help Real Estate Agencies

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What is Real Estate Copywriting?

Real estate copywriting is more than clever adjectives and a list of property features.  It should be powerful, compelling and intriguing – the type of writing that seizes prospects and draws them to inspections.

In a digital world, online listings and brochures are an agent’s way of communicating directly to prospects, so each piece of writing needs to be fluid and perfectly crafted.

It also needs to stand out.  Online competition is more intense than ever before, so SEO, visuality and headlines are increasingly important.  Without well-branded copy that speaks to your target market and bypasses rival listings, securing inspections is an uphill battle.

It doesn’t matter whether you need words for your website, text for your listings, or a tagline to carry your company – professional real estate copy is an asset designed to get prospects calling.

copywriting for 28 Parr Street property listing
A sample of our work.

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Why Hire a Real Estate Copywriter?

The average commission rate for an Australian real estate agent ranges from 2% to 2.84%.  That means you’re looking at $10,000 to $14,200 per sale – significantly more if you sell luxury properties.

Now think about the time it takes to write a property listing.

You spend hours staring blank-eyed at your computer screen, trying fruitlessly to convey the essence of that beautiful family home.  You keep deleting and retyping sentences, right-clicking ‘Synonyms’ and reading over listings from other agencies for inspiration.  You think back to the house tours, the fancy photos your photographer took, and you wonder why you can’t describe it all with words.

Well, we think you shouldn’t have to.  You sell houses, and you’re really good at it.

But it’s not your job to attract leads.  That’s what marketers are for.

So think about it like this:

If you pay a copywriter $150 to create a professional listing, you’re not just saving yourself a few hours – you’re also maximising your chances of bringing in highly qualified leads.

And if one of those leads becomes a buyer?  For just $150, you’ve achieved a $10,000+ sale.  In the marketing world, that’s what we call an exceptional return on investment.

Why Choose Chevron Editing?

strategic approach

Strategic Approach

We analyse the intersection of your target audience, your brand, the current market and your offering to produce copy that actually converts.

rapid response

Rapid Response

We write well, and we write fast.  We never miss deadlines, and, if you need real estate copy at the last minute, you can use our Express service for same-day turnarounds.

commitment to quality

Commitment to Quality

It’s our job to help your brand succeed, and we’ll never deliver anything that’s less than excellent.

michelle adams

Five-Star Copywriting

“Duncan is hands down the best copywriter I’ve worked with. His deep analysis of the brief and content is five-star.”

Michelle Adams

General Manager, ActionCOACH ANZ

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Real Estate Copywriting Packages

All prices in Australian dollars (AUD).

Remote Listing

$200per listing
Remote Listings are our most budget-friendly and convenient package.

Up to 400 words of copy

Matched to your brand voice


Includes full and truncated listings

Two rounds of revisions

Express option (24-hour turnaround) available for $50

In-Person Listing

$300per listing
In-person Listings convey the atmosphere of a property to prospects.

Up to 400 words of copy

In-person property visit*

Matched to your brand voice


Includes full and truncated listings

Two rounds of revisions

Express option (24-hour turnaround) available for $50

Bulk Listing Package

From $700
Our Bulk Listing Package makes creating online listings more affordable than ever.

4 listings

Any combination of In-Person or Regular Listings

$25 off each listing


Per Hour Pricing

$65per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research available

On-page SEO available

Low-fidelity wireframes available

Simple Website Package

Our Simple Website Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

Up to five web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Two rounds of revisions

Advanced Website Package

Lay the foundations for a new site with our Advanced Website Package.

Up to six web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Full-website visual sitemap

Two rounds of revisions


*Properties must be within a 45-minute drive of postcode 4210 (as calculated by Google Maps) to be eligible for the In-Person Listing service at the advertised price.

Frequently Asked Real Estate Copywriting Questions

Absolutely!  As an agency, we’re not bound by exclusivity clauses, which means we can collaborate with multiple companies in the same industry at once.

In the event a conflict of interest arises (a situation where, for some reason, we’re unable to deliver our services to one client without compromising another client), we’ll declare it immediately.  We also operate behind a strict Chinese Wall, so no information you share with us will be utilised by or shared with another client.

While we can write copy based off pre-styling property images, we definitely prefer photographs that showcase your property at its best.  It’s much easier to write about a beautifully decorated interior than a series of empty rooms.

Yes, we can!  Although we normally collaborate with real estate and property businesses, we’re happy to help private sellers too.

Please note that, unless you hold a valid ACN, we require all payments upfront.  Our Express services are also not available for for private sellers.

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