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What is a persona?

A persona in marketing, design and other related fields is a fictitious profile created to assist in the research, planning and strategy phases of a given project. Marketing teams use personas to help guide them when creating content and planning campaigns. Generally, a team may have multiple personas, with each representing a target segment. Personas created to represent an existing audience segment should have their profiles grounded in data rather than assumptions.

Why should your team use personas?

It’s easy for teams to lose sight of the end goal, particularly if they’re working within tight budgetary or time constraints. Personas are an excellent way to not only quickly summarise data, but also provide marketers, copywriters and designers with a way to empathise with their audience segments. They’re more digestible than long reports, more holistic than market segmentation and act as a shorthand that simplifies strategy and content briefing.

Why choose Chevron Editing?

We understand the importance of having clean, functional personas. We don’t include unnecessary information, and we keep your team’s cognitive load to a minimum. Everything in our personas is designed to help your marketers understand and target an audience segment.
We also don’t base penetrated market personas (personas that represent your current customers) on assumptions. When formulating these personas, we analyse audience data and work upwards, so that you know the final result is accurate. A persona that’s based on preconceived ideas can lead to fault strategy and inaccurate targeting, so it’s important that you get the first step right.


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