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Elevate the impact of everything from website copy to LinkedIn articles with precise technical editing that checks for both legal and grammatical accuracy.

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Our LLB-qualified legal editor checks for errors relating to statistics, precedents, legislation, and other aspects of Queensland law.

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Proofreading & Copy Editing

We work to polish your words by checking for grammatical errors and improving sentence structure.

Excellence for you.

Maximise your content’s value by making it as excellent as it can be.

Become a Thought Leader

The more accurate and grammatically correct your writing is, the more value it delivers.

Whether you’re creating LinkedIn articles or blog posts for your website, good editing is the key to elevating your content above your peers’.

Turn you and your firm into industry thought leaders with amazing content that both clients and competitors love.

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Grow Your Client Base

Research has proven that grammatical errors cause negative perceptions of authorial intelligence and professionalism, decreases in authorial credibility, and worse reader recall of key messages.

Don’t let your law marketing efforts be undercut by bad grammar and legal inaccuracies.

Use clean, error-free writing to improve the way prospective clients see you.

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What We Edit

Legal Blog Posts

Website Copy for Law Firms

Social Media Posts for Law Firms

Legal Email Campaigns

LinkedIn Articles

Legal Research Articles

Lawyer Bios

Need a copywriter instead of an editor? We can help – visit our copywriting and content writing services for more information.

When you work with us, you’ll get two things:

  • excellent editing that comprehensively corrects errors and improves text within required timeframes
  • a marketing-based approach designed to help your firm achieve strategic business goals.

Unlike other legal editing services, we aren’t just academics – we’re a dedicated inbound marketing firm, which means we always work with the higher goals of your text in mind.

Blogs, articles and website copy aren’t just words designed to make your lawyers sound good.

They’re marketing assets that each have a unique role to play in the acquisition and retention of clients.

Our legal editors work to ensure that your marketing assets are legally correct, grammatically flawless, and still easily accessible for your target audience.

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‘Get It Done’ Level of Service

“From start to finish, Chevron exemplified the communication, flexibility and ‘get it done’ level of service that you hope you’ll find when sifting through the endless names, promises and options listed on the internet. Chevron delivered what was wanted, on time, and as promised.”

Ian Robertson

Principal, Guardianz Animal Law

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All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

If you’d like a fixed-price quote for a project, please email us or submit an RFQ.

Legal Proofreading

$60per hour
Correct textual errors.

Typos are corrected

Grammatical errors are corrected

Syntactic errors are corrected

Style recommendations are implemented

Incorrect reference styling is corrected

Legal Copy Editing

$70per hour
Improve text at a sentence level.

Typos are corrected

Grammatical errors are corrected

Stylistic inconsistencies are corrected

Awkward sentences are reworked

Sentence flow is improved

Tonal inconsistencies are corrected

Legal Technical Editing

$90per hour
Ensure complete legal accuracy.

Incorrect interpretations of legislation are corrected

Concepts and original claims are reviewed

References to judgements are checked for accuracy

References to legislation are checked for accuracy


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It’s time to check your words.

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