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Too many companies don’t see the value in proofreaders.

“Why do we need a proofreader? Our customers won’t notice if our website has a few errors – and, if they do, they won’t care.”

Except research says the opposite.

Various studies have shown that typos and other errors in writing make messages less memorable and harder to understand – for readers of all backgrounds. Those same grammatical problems can also cause readers to view authors as less intelligent and less credible.

It doesn’t make sense to risk turning away customers with typos when you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on copywriters, website design, and SEO experts.

Maximise your investment. Pay a Brisbane proofreader.

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What We Do

Marketing Collateral

Whether you’re running expensive ads, creating product packaging, or sending direct mail, make sure your collateral is error-free before distributing it to your prospects.

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Business Documents

Prospectuses, information memorandums, and annual reports are all important documents that need to look and feel professional.

Press Releases

A press release is a way for you to control the flow of information, so your messaging needs to be clear, concise, and grammatically correct.

General Proofreading

Our standard proofreading service is designed for efficiently checking text before publication or distribution. When you submit a piece to us for standard proofreading, it should be as close to finished as possible – as Brisbane proofreaders, our job is to find any errors that have slipped through the cracks, rather than making large-scale changes or corrections.

Our standard proofreading covers typographical and grammatical errors, which includes spelling, punctuation, and referencing mistakes.

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Editorial Proofreading

Our editorial proofreading service is a hybrid of traditional proofreading and copy editing. It’s perfect for pieces that are mostly finished but need a thorough edit before they can be published or distributed – we aim to balance the affordability of proofreading with the improvements normally gained through copy editing.

Our editorial proofreading service covers typographical and grammatical errors, and also includes the correction of unclear or awkwardly phrased sentences.

How We Edit

All pieces are edited using the Microsoft Word ‘Track Changes’ function.  You’ll be given two copies – one with the edits integrated, the other with the Track Changes edits highlighted in red. Before we can begin editing, we’ll need a copy of your manuscript or text as a Microsoft Word document (.docx file).

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Brisbane Proofreading FAQs

Getting a professional proofreader to quote you a per-page rate is almost impossible. Any kind of writing or editing functions on a per-word basis, and, depending on layout and styling, a standard PDF or Word page contain anywhere from a handful of words to a few hundred.

The only proofreaders who can typically work on a per-page basis are manuscript proofreaders, who often have specifications about font and font size in submitted documents. If you need business proofreading, you’re better off asking for a fixed quote.

There isn’t a fixed time for proofreading a certain amount of words.

Imagine someone asks you to run 4 kilometres down a slight incline on a concrete path. You might get it done in 15 minutes. Now, imagine you’re asked to run 4 kilometres up a mountain through thick forest – it could easily take you a few hours.

Proofreading (and editing generally) is similar. If you send us a simple, well-written piece of text, we can edit it much more quickly than if you send through a confusing or complicated piece.

As a generalisation, though, we often quote about 2,500 words per hour for our standard proofreading service.

You should calculate your proofreading spend the same way you calculate all budget allocations in marketing: by the return on investment you’re likely to receive.

If your business has a small blog that gets a few hundred clicks a month, it probably isn’t worth it to pay a Brisbane proofreader $80 to edit each post. Proofreading those posts may help preserve your brand’s credibility, but it probably won’t do so to an extent that justifies the cost.

Conversely, if you’re sending out an information memorandum to prospective investors, or distributing a direct-response email to a massive audience, having grammatically incorrect copy could have serious financial implications. Bad writing could tip the scales towards an investor declining, or contribute to a percentage of people not clicking through on your email – both situations where the small cost of paying for a proofreader would have been offset by the return on investment.

There isn’t a fixed cost that you should or shouldn’t pay for proofreading – it’s about relative value.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not interested in retaining our services. That’s OK – we actually get a lot of questions about how to become a professional proofreader, which is why we have a whole article on this exact topic. Check it out here.

Brisbane Proofreading Pricing

Please note that we have a minimum project price of $50, regardless of how many words your project is or how long it takes us to edit it.

Standard Proofreading

$45per hour
Editorial proofreading is a great compromise between general proofreading and copy editing.

Typographical errors (typos) are identified and corrected

Punctuation errors are identified and corrected

Syntactic errors are identified and marked for correction

Style guide recommendations are implemented

Incorrect references styling is corrected

Incorrect references styling is corrected

Editorial Proofreading

$45per hour
Hourly rates are perfect for projects with complex or evolving needs.

Typographical errors (typos) are identified and corrected

Grammatical errors are identified and corrected

Syntactic errors are identified and corrected

Style guide recommendations are implemented

Incorrect references styling is corrected

Awkward sentences are re-phrased

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