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What is an email campaign or EDM?

An email campaign seems self-explanatory, but you’ve probably also heard of EDM (electronic direct marketing), which is the more general term applied to all forms of email marketing.  There are two main types of email campaigns:

  • Drip campaigns (where a goal is defined, and then automated emails are ‘drip fed’ over a given time period to contact lists)
  • Nurture campaigns (a more in-depth campaign designed to usher leads down the sales funnel by ‘nurturing’ them with content and offers)

Email campaigns can contain everything from new blog posts to personalised discounts, and are a great way of reaching audiences who are already interested in your business.

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Why should you use email campaigns?

There are lots of reasons to use email campaigns.  In fact, if you’re going to invest money into any kind of direct marketing, it should be email.  Here are a few quick statistics about email:

These statistics exist for a couple of reasons:

  • Subscribers choose to subscribe, and can choose to unsubscribe, meaning they have control of all interactions. Other ads, such as online display ads or cold calls, are much more intrusive and something over which they have no control.
  • They want to receive emails from you, or they wouldn’t have signed up to your mailing list.
  • They’re a captive audience. They will receive your emails, and it’s up to you to make sure those emails are interesting enough to open and interact with.
  • You can gradually nurture subscribers into leads and (eventually) into customers, with very little effort. Compare this to Facebook ads or SEM, where a single impression is the only shot you get.


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Why choose Chevron Editing?

At Chevron Editing, we understand email marketing isn’t just cramming pretty pictures into Mailchimp and shooting it off to every subscriber on your mailing lists.  Our email campaigns are crafted with a strategic base, measurable objectives and a commitment to maintaining your brand image.  We know simple and effective works better than fancy and complicated, and we design our campaigns to not just produce results, but to turn subscribers into loyal brand advocates.  If you’re looking for well-written campaigns that work, talk to us.

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