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What is Copywriting?

If you’ve found this page, you probably already have some idea of what copywriting is.  In the simplest terms, Gold Coast copywriters write words for businesses for the purpose of selling products or services.

Something that you probably didn’t know is that copywriters are the people who make your brand real.

We take your ideas, the reasons your business exists, and transform them into words your customers can connect with.

To do that successfully, a copywriter needs to understand how consumers think.  They need to have a holistic grasp of marketing.  And, most importantly, they need to know how to tell a story.

Only then, armed with those skills, can a copywriter deliver writing that establishes your brand as an industry leader.

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Gold Coast Website Copywriting

For 99% of businesses, having a good website isn’t optional.  It’s mandatory.  Without one, successfully obtaining a consistent stream of leads is very, very hard.

So what actually makes a website good?  There are three core areas you need to think about if you’re building or optimising a site:

  • The technical aspects (fast, clean code that actually works)
  • The visual aspects (UX and graphic design)
  • The words (this is where we come in)

Each area works in symbiosis with the others to create a digital platform for your brand.

Ultimately, though, it’s your website’s words that are the most important.  Without good copy, it doesn’t matter if your code is flawless or your UX design is breathtakingly intuitive – your messaging will fall flat, so all those leads will hit ‘Back’ and start browsing through your competitors’ sites instead.

Well-written copy is also critical for search engine optimisation (SEO).  Good web copywriters know how to conduct keyword research and then integrate those keywords into your web pages without sounding forced or unprofessional.

SEO shouldn’t compromise the quality and coherency of your branding, and, with the right copywriter, it won’t.

Gold Coast E-commerce Copywriting

Have you ever written a product description?  How long did it take you?  Did you just list a couple of features, or did you write a compelling page of copy that really sold your product?

One of the biggest challenges e-commerce businesses face is managing a vast library of product pages.  Even smaller brands deal with hundreds of different product variants, which makes writing good, well-branded copy for all them extremely time-consuming.

The solution?  Hire Gold Coast copywriters like us.  We can effectively craft copy that captures the benefits of your products, leaving you and your team time to focus on running campaigns and planning product launches.

gold coast ecommerce copywriting

a post from an accounting brand being scheduled for distribution to different social media platforms

Gold Coast Social Media Copywriting

When you’re tied up with leading campaigns or running a Gold Coast business, creating social media posts isn’t easy.

Using Canva or a designer for the visuals? The captions still need to be educational, inspiring, or entertaining – and that’s not easy either.

Maybe your in-house marketers don’t write the way your brand should sound.

Maybe the social media agency you hired keep publishing awkwardly worded posts with grammatical mistakes.

Or maybe you and your team just don’t have the time to spend on writing.

That’s where our Gold Coast copywriters come in.

We’ll produce error-free social captions that speak directly to your target audiences – without the cost of hiring new employees or signing an agency retainer.

michelle adams

Five-Star Copywriting

“Duncan is hands down the best copywriter I’ve worked with. His deep analysis of the brief and content is five-star.”

Michelle Adams

General Manager, ActionCOACH ANZ

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Design Enablement

Speed Up Your Design Process

Receiving website copy in plain text documents means a slower upload process for you and your team.

The copywriter might have had a vision for their work, but it’s hard for your web designers to turn pages of text into a cohesive website.

That’s why we always deliver our web copy in shortcode markup – and, if your team needs it, low-fidelity wireframes.

The result: a faster transition from copy to go-live, less headaches for your design team, and page layouts that complement instead of clashing with the copy.

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Gold Coast Copywriting Packages

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

Per Hour Pricing

$65per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research available

On-page SEO available

Low-fidelity wireframes available

Simple Website Package

Our Simple Website Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

Up to five web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Two rounds of revisions

Advanced Website Package

Lay the foundations for a new site with our Advanced Website Package.

Up to six web pages

300-500 words per page

Brand style guide alignment

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Low-fidelity wireframes

Full-website visual sitemap

Two rounds of revisions

flavour creations header header

Brand: Flavour Creations

Industry: Medical Nutrition

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (About Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Flavour Creations is the global leader in dysphagia nutrition, with an increasing focus on other forms of targeted and medical nutrition.

We created the copy for the ‘About’ page as part of a complete site rebuild in 2021.

Read Sample

View this sample in the wild

centred capital header

Brand: Centred Capital

Industry: Financial Services

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Home Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Centred Capital is a diversified property fund that helps investors achieve regular income and long-term capital growth through strategic property development.

Their ‘Home’ page copy was written as part of a full website copywriting and IM refinement project.

Read Sample

helloteams header

Brand: Shuttle on behalf of HelloTeams

Industry: SaaS

Copy Type: Website Copywriting (Product Page)

Time to Completion: 1 hour

Scenario: HelloTeams is a leading provider of Teams Phone automation software.

Their platform, TCAP, helps SMEs and enterprises deploy Teams Phone in just 15 minutes without any engineers or coding.

This page was written to showcase their direct routing solution as part of an ongoing website rebuild project.

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tpm header

Brand: Total Project Management

Industry: Construction and Engineering

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 2 hours

Scenario: Total Project Management is an integrated roof repair and claims management service.

Their goal: to streamline the repairs and payouts process for Queenslanders affected by extreme weather events.

As part of a broader website rebuild, this page was written to help users searching for hail damage services find TPM.

Read SampleView Wireframe

bell legal group header

Brand: Bell Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services

Copy Type: SEO Copywriting (Services Page)

Time to Completion: 3.5 hours

Scenario: Bell Legal Group is one of the Gold Coast’s largest law firms, helping clients undertake everything from IP protection to family provision claims.

As part of their ongoing SEO efforts, we crafted new copy for outdated service pages that helped increase both SERP rankings and conversion rates.

This page was written to promote their elder abuse prevention capabilities.

Read SampleView Wireframe


Common Questions About Copywriting

The hourly rate for copywriters varies hugely on the type of copywriting, their experience, and the value they’ll deliver. For example, a copywriter creating social media posts can’t charge the same hourly rate as a copywriter creating an ad with half a million dollars in spend – the value their employer, the company, gets from the two jobs is completely different.

While paying a top copywriter $5,000 to create a twenty-second ad might be reasonable if the ad is projected to bring in a lot of money, the average social media post might not even produce a measurable ROI.

As a result, Australian copywriters charge anywhere from about AU$40–$100 per hour, although you can find extremes at either end of that range.

Most copywriters don’t charge on a per-page basis, for the simple reason that the content of ‘a page’ can vary hugely in length and substance – just changing the font or text size can really affect how much content can fit onto a single A4 page! Instead, the majority of copywriters charge hourly or per project.

Yes, you can find copywriters whose rates are lower than ours on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. As with all professional services, though, you get what you pay for.

Cheaper copywriters generally won’t have the experience or capabilities needed to craft excellent copy. They also won’t have the budget to pay for quality keyword research tools, making them unsuitable for SEO copywriting.

Hiring a cheap copywriter can mean ending up with ‘chaff’ copy – copywriting that fails to support marketing outcomes – which can often require the copy to be re-written by an experienced professional.

If a hiring a good copywriter seems too expensive, think about the importance of the work you want them to do. You might not need to hire a copywriter for your website’s contact page – but getting your home page written properly can have a massive impact on conversions and revenue.

Yes, many of our clients initially start with a few small projects, and then increase their expenditure once they see results.

If you’re a startup or micro-business with a small marketing budget, you need to prioritise essential projects.

Start with your brand and marketing strategy. This is the foundation for everything else – if you don’t have the right groundwork in place, the rest of your marketing will be average at best.

Once you’ve answered important questions like ‘why should buyers choose us?’, you’re ready to create a strong website. Keep it as lean as possible – get your copywriter to work on the home page, the about page, and any pages you want to rank on Google (like services pages).

After your website is functional, pick two channels (for example, organic search and LinkedIn) and allocate the rest of your budget to driving revenue opportunities through them.

In other words, don’t look for a cheap copywriter. Get a cost-effective copywriter who makes an outsized impact, and make sure you’re only focusing on critical marketing activities that contribute to revenue.

Most industries don’t require specialised copywriters. Professional copywriters are, by requirement, skilled at fast research; having specific experience isn’t normally necessary for creating copy that reflects your brand and what you do.

In some industries, though, familiarity with the right language can help – think the legal or medical sectors. Previous experience can also help the copywriter learn quickly about complex topics like finance or technology.

The best way to find a Gold Coast copywriter who understands what you do is to source a freelancer or firm that seems reputable, enquire about their previous experience, and, if necessary, review samples. A copywriter who has worked across multiple complex sectors is likely to be able to produce great copy for you as well.

While we do offer dedicated business editing, it’s often more cost-effective to have new copy written instead. We typically only recommend business editing for projects where there will be a positive ROI, like information memorandums, reports, and tenders.


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