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What is Copywriting?

If you’ve found this page, you probably already have some idea of what copywriting is.  In the simplest terms, Gold Coast copywriters write words for businesses for the purpose of selling products or services.  We do things like:

  • Creating ads
  • Putting words on web pages
  • Crafting press releases
  • Writing email campaigns

Something that you probably didn’t know is that copywriters are the people who make your brand real.

We take your ideas, the fundamental concepts that lie behind why your business exists, and transform them into words your customers can connect with.

To do that successfully, a copywriter needs to understand business strategy.  They need to understand how consumers think.  They need to have a holistic grasp of marketing.  They need to have a near-perfect grasp of language.  And, most importantly, they need to know how to tell a story.

Only then, armed with that knowledge, can a copywriter deliver writing that establishes your brand as an industry leader.

arena pest management copywriting
A snippet of SEO website copy written for a client in pest management.
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Where We Can Help Gold Coast Businesses


Web Pages

Email Campaigns

Sales Letters

Real Estate Listings

Taglines and Slogans

Restaurant Menus

Looking for a different service?  It might be listed under Content Writing or one of our other pages.

Gold Coast Website Copywriting

For 99% of businesses, having a good website isn’t optional.  It’s mandatory.  Without one, successfully obtaining a consistent stream of leads is very, very hard.

So what actually makes a website good?  There are three core areas you need to think about if you’re building or optimising a site:

  • The technical aspects (fast, clean code that actually works)
  • The visual aspects (UX and graphic design)
  • The words (this is where we come in)

Each area works in symbiosis with the others to create a digital platform for your brand.

Ultimately, though, it’s your website’s words that are the most important.  Without good copy, it doesn’t matter if your code is flawless or your UX design is breathtakingly intuitive – your messaging will fall flat, so all those leads will hit ‘Back’ and start browsing through your competitors’ sites instead.

Well-written copy is also critical for search engine optimisation (SEO).  Good web copywriters know how to conduct keyword research and then integrate those keywords into your web pages without sounding forced or unprofessional.

SEO shouldn’t compromise the quality and coherency of your branding, and, with the right copywriter, it won’t.

Gold Coast E-commerce Copywriting

Have you ever written a product description?  How long did it take you?  Did you just list a couple of features, or did you write a compelling page of copy that really sold your product?

One of the biggest challenges e-commerce businesses face is managing a vast library of product pages.  Even smaller brands deal with hundreds of different product variants, which makes writing good, well-branded copy for all them extremely time-consuming.

The solution?  Hire Gold Coast copywriters like us.  We can effectively craft copy that captures the benefits of your products, leaving you and your team time to focus on running campaigns and planning product launches.

gold coast ecommerce copywriting

social media copywriting

Gold Coast Social Media Copywriting

When you’re tied up with leading campaigns or running a Gold Coast business, creating social media posts isn’t easy.

Using Canva or a designer for the visuals? The captions still need to be educational, inspiring, or entertaining – and that’s not easy either.

Maybe your in-house marketers don’t write the way your brand should sound.

Maybe the social media agency you hired keep publishing awkwardly worded posts with grammatical mistakes.

Or maybe you and your team just don’t have the time to spend on writing.

That’s where our Gold Coast copywriters come in.

We’ll produce error-free social captions that speak directly to your target audiences – without the cost of hiring new employees or signing an agency retainer.

Words From Our Clients

Michelle Adams

Co-founder, Brag Reviews

“Duncan is hands down the best copywriter I’ve worked with. His deep analysis of the brief and content is five-star.”

Gold Coast Copywriting Pricing

All prices in Australian dollars (AUD).

Per Hour Pricing

$60per hour
Per-hour pricing is ideal if you have a project with complex or evolving needs.

Matched to your brand voice

For businesses big and small

Clear information architecture

Website Copywriting Package

Our Website Copywriting Package makes putting copy on your pages easier than ever.

5 Pages

300-500 words per page

Matched to your brand voice

Keyword Research

On-page SEO

2 rounds of revisions

Gold Coast Copywriting FAQs

The hourly rate for copywriters varies hugely on the type of copywriting, their experience, and the value they’ll deliver. For example, a copywriter creating social media posts can’t charge the same hourly rate as a copywriter creating an ad with half a million dollars in spend – the value their employer, the company, gets from the two jobs is completely different.

While paying a top copywriter $5,000 to create a twenty-second ad might be reasonable if the ad is projected to bring in a lot of money, the average social media post might not even produce a measurable ROI.

As a result, Australian copywriters charge anywhere from about AU$40–$100 per hour, although you can find extremes at either end of that range.

Most copywriters don’t charge on a per-page basis, for the simple reason that the content of ‘a page’ can vary hugely in length and substance – just changing the font or text size can really affect how much content can fit onto a single A4 page! Instead, the majority of copywriters charge hourly or per project.

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