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How We Help Australian Law Firms

Good marketing shortens the buying journey for your clients – the process of going from problem-aware to choosing you as their lawyer.

A faster buying journey means lower client acquisition costs, shorter time-to-revenue, and more satisfied clients.

Marketing Strategy


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Email Marketing

Legal Editing

Marketing Strategy

Our legal marketing strategies balance provable ROI with protecting your brand’s reputation.

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Why Leading Law Firms Work With Us

As a specialist support firm, we’re different to most full-service agencies that offer legal marketing.

specialist support

Specialist Support

We act as a force multiplier for your marketing – helping you do more with the resources you already have.



We tie our marketing activities back to revenue in a way that both partners and practice managers can understand.

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Deep Focus

Our extensive experience with law firm marketing is backed by qualified legal experts.

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Law Firm Marketing Strategies

A good strategy is essential for excellent marketing.

It’s simultaneously the foundation of your current marketing, your roadmap for the future, and the connective tissue that conjoins your marketing activities into a cohesive whole.

Without strategy, your technical elements – no matter how expertly delivered – will only ever produce subpar results.

We create marketing strategies that position law firms like yours for success.  Extensive research, a channel-agnostic approach, and a commitment to measurable outcomes characterise our strategy creation.

We also believe in a collaborative approach – by liaising with key stakeholders, including partners and practice area heads, we develop strategies that weaponise knowledge from each part of your firm.

Learn about how we create strategies for law firms

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law firm copywriting


Copywriting for Law Firms

Copywriting is an art – the art of helping prospective clients understand that your firm is the right solutions provider for their needs.

Excellent copywriting combines extensive research and consumer psychology with storytelling and great writing.  It’s deeply complex, but, delivered in the right way, is a mechanism for achieving results across every facet of your firm’s marketing.

Our copywriters utilise a ground-up approach to copy development.  By understanding the problems you solve, who you solve them for, and how you solve them, we produce truly excellent copy that reflects the totality of your services.

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nicole anderson

Invaluable Project Partner

“Duncan has a wealth of knowledge which he is able to communicate easily with us. His skill in research and drafting to give us a starting point for our written content has been invaluable in moving projects forward. I would highly recommend working with Duncan and Chevron Editing.”

Nicole Anderson

General Manager, Bell Legal Group

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Legal Editing

Editing for Law Firms

Not every marketing asset needs to be produced by an external agency.  If your firm’s lawyers produce articles or you employ in-house marketing technicians, each article, social media post, and piece of copy should be reviewed by an expert.

Marketing communications impact how prospective clients view your brand.  Poor grammar, imprecise tone, and incorrect register can interrupt client purchase journeys at key junctures, creating funnel leaks and driving prospects towards your competitors.

Our qualified editors help your people leverage their legal expertise to create assets that maintain brand and grammatical accuracy.

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law firm content writing

Content Writing

Law Firm Content Creation

Good content serves a purpose.  Excellent content serves people.

Our content solutions are defined by a broad-scope, holistic approach that puts the focus on your clients.  Each content asset we create is a high-value tool in your marketing arsenal – versatile and long-lived, our content ranges from demand gen pieces that get you found on Google to client education articles designed to improve onboarding.

Our legal content writers combine marketing proficiency with excellent legal knowledge.  We pride ourselves on an interdisciplinary content team that includes staff members with Australian law degrees.

Our law firm content creation services cover:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Original research

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ian robertson

‘Get It Done’ Level of Service

“From start to finish, Chevron exemplified the communication, flexibility and ‘get it done’ level of service that you hope you’ll find when sifting through the endless names, promises and options listed on the internet. Chevron delivered what was wanted, on time, and as promised.”

Ian Robertson

Principal, Guardianz Animal Law

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SEO for Law Firm Websites

Behind word-of-mouth referrals, search engines like Google and Bing are the single biggest source of law firm clients. Clio’s 2017 Legal Trends Report found that 37% of consumers located a lawyer through search – a number expected to rise exponentially as we move into an increasingly digital world.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical aspect of inbound marketing for law firms, but it isn’t a solution that will provide your firm with quick wins. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and will typically require consistent outreach and content creation from your team. The result, though, is a stable lead generation medium that delivers invaluable results.

We approach SEO by integrating on-page, technical, and off-site optimisation into your firm’s broader strategy, combining it with other modes of marketing to achieve success in an effective and budget-sensitive manner. We also utilise a completely transparent, multi-phase campaign rollout system, enabling stakeholders to understand and approve ongoing outlay at each stage of the process.

How we help with SEO

Learn how law firm SEO works

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law firm email campaigns

Email Marketing

Law Firm Email Campaigns

Year after year, email campaigns reinforce their status as one of modern marketing’s most powerful tools – even in a post-COVID world of Teams and videoconferencing.

We believe a well-built email list paired with genuinely valuable content is still worth investing in. With an average ROI of 3,800%, email is a critical component of B2B law firm marketing, bridging the gap between upper-funnel content and the client’s decision to hire you.

Our email campaigns focus on turning prospects into clients, as well as educating your existing clients about new ways your firm can support their needs. We pride ourselves on crafting value-adding emails that generate positive brand awareness, combining tactics like strict list hygiene and best delivery times with tightly structured campaign sequences.

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Designing and developing a good website is an incredibly complex, time-consuming process. It’s why many full-service agencies have website builds as their main focus – their processes, staff hires, and software stacks all revolve around making those builds faster and more efficient.

But that often happens at the expense of other marketing functions, like effective strategy and content creation. Those same full-service agencies that build great websites often deliver generic marketing plans and average content that doesn’t drive results.

Chevron Editing is a specialist support firm, which means we only offer services that we excel at. There are thousands of agencies that can build your firm a beautiful website, but only a handful can craft effective copy that leads to booked meetings or write accessible case summaries that add value for potential clients. That’s why we focus on our strengths – strategy, content creation, SEO, and email – and leave web development to the firms that already do it well.

If you think you need a new website, start with a free analysis of your existing site. You’ll get actionable recommendations that you can take to your next partner meeting – with no follow-up sales calls or emails.

And, if you are ready to move forward with a build, think about scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us. In website development, copy should always precede design, and our website copywriting packages are ideal for both small and large firms. We can then refer you to one of our agency partners for the design and development (or coordinate with an agency of your choice), keeping the development process on budget and easy to manage.

As a general rule of thumb, your marketing budget should be 7–15% of annual revenue. If you’re a more established firm with consistent word-of-mouth referrals, you might fall at the lower end of that scale. If you’re a new firm with no consistent source of clients, you might need to spend upwards of 15% until you gain market traction.

Keep in mind that your ‘marketing’ budget includes business development activities, such as networking events and presentations.

Drawing a line between business development activities and revenue is generally straightforward. When a lead that one of your lawyers has been talking to becomes a paying client, it’s easy to see what led to that conversion.

But it’s often harder to attribute revenue to marketing activities. How do you ‘prove’ the impact of a social media post? How do you show that the five places a lead saw your brand online led to them booking a meeting? How do you connect an insightful case summary with a meeting booked three months later?

We recommend two approaches: leading indicators and lagging indicators. Leading indicators show your marketing is working before it becomes revenue. These could be very high-level metrics like clicks on Google, likes on LinkedIn, or email opens, or more accurate metrics like revenue pipeline. We’re advocates of using HIRO pipeline, which, for many law firms, means measuring the success of marketing based on the number of meetings booked with opportunities. While positive leading indicators don’t guarantee revenue, they’re a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

Lagging indicators measure how much revenue your marketing has produced. You can use hybrid attribution to see exactly how much each marketing and business development channel contributed. Hybrid attribution combines software-based attribution (the kind you can find in good CRMs and software like CallRail) with self-reported attribution (asking high-intent opportunities how they heard about you on a form) and discovery call insights (asking high-intent opportunities how they heard about you on a booking call or in their first meeting).

Once that data has been gathered, it can be compiled and analysed in your CRM, giving you a very strong understanding of exactly which channels are driving marketing outcomes. You can present the information to your partners in a pie chart, with an explanation that can be as simple as:

“Here’s exactly how many meetings booked each marketing channel drove. Of the meetings that did eventually lead to paying clients (closed-won deals), here’s the percentage breakdown of which channel each opportunity originated from, and how much net new revenue each channel drove. And here’s how much NNR we drove for every dollar we spent on marketing and BD.”

If you’ve decided to use external marketing support instead of hiring an in-house marketer, understanding the different options isn’t always easy. Here’s a breakdown of the most common classes of marketing vendors.

  • Freelancers generally work alone and provide tactical services (such as copywriting, content creation, social media management, video production, and graphic design) based on briefs from clients. If you have marketing management experience, they’re ideal for executing specific tasks; you can also assemble a team of freelancers with different skillsets.
  • Consultants generally work by themselves or as part of a firm, and provide strategic or MOps (marketing operations) advice that will then be implemented by technicians (such as in-house marketers or freelancers). They’re best for drafting strategies, solving more complex marketing problems, and facilitating overhauls of your marketing infrastructure.
  • Full-service agencies combine tactical services with strategic advice. They generally work under a fixed-retainer or credit-based model, and handle as much of your marketing work as possible. They generally have their own processes, reporting models, and software stacks, and will draft a strategy that they’ll execute. Use a full-service agency if you want minimal marketing involvement and single responsible vendor.
  • Fractional CMOs are part-time heads of marketing who bring leadership experience to the table without the cost of a full-time hire. They’re a good option to lead teams of freelancers or draft strategies for other external vendors to execute on.
  • Specialist support firms offer strategic advice and specialised tactical services. They generally have various engagement models, and are ideal for problem-solving and complex tasks that your in-house staff, freelancers, or full-service agency aren’t equipped to handle.

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