Structural Editing

Make sure your words are written on the right foundation.

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What is structural editing?

Structural editing (sometimes known as substantive editing) is the first step of the editing process. It requires the editor to thoroughly examine the goals, structure and layout of the document, and offer feedback. Structural edits of business documents typically address factors like pacing, coherency, information architecture and effectiveness of communication.

How We Edit

Before we can get started editing your manuscript, we need a few things from you:

    • A copy of the document. We edit using the MS Word Track Changes function, so please only send us MS Word files.
    • A synopsis of relevant brand information, strategic goals, target audiences and document purpose.
    • A sectional breakdown of addressed concepts.
    • Any key issues or points requiring specific focus.


Our pricing starts at $50 per hour, although this is only an approximate figure. In order to obtain a quote that reflects your needs, contact us at:

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