Content Writing Strategy

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Quick Lessons

content map

A content map is one of your best content strategy tools.

It’s a mind map-style representation of how your written content links together.

Its main use is for SEO – but you can also use it to get ideas and make sure you’re covering every aspect of a topic.

Use it with content clusters for maximum effectiveness.

Pictured is an example of our proofreading content cluster laid out in a content map.

Here’s how to interpret it.

The root node (dark blue) is the broadest overview of the topic, which, in this case, is proofreading.

This is known as your pillar piece.

Each subsequent level of child nodes (light blue and grey) represents a deeper look into different aspects of the topic – these are your satellite pieces.

The more child levels/satellite pieces you create, the more specific and detailed your content becomes.