Copywriting Tactics

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Quick Lessons

Don’t get everyone on your team to review marketing copy.
Here’s why.

  1. Reviewing without a goal is a waste of time. Are they checking grammar? Facts? Messaging? Most ‘can you take a look at this’ requests don’t have a specific ask.
  2. Unless they’re copywriters/editors, feedback on grammar isn’t their specialty. Don’t have a non-expert review an expert’s work.
  3. Unless they’re salespeople/marketers, feedback on messaging isn’t their speciality. Don’t have a non-expert review an expert’s work.
  4. Trying to please everyone means pleasing no-one. Copy by consensus is boring and forgettable.
  5. Reviewing holds up delivery. Can the fifth person looking at the copy offer something the second person didn’t? If not, then skip them.
  6. Being a stakeholder =/= needing to contribute. Trust your copywriters and editors to do their jobs.

Here’s how to write copy that works in three simple steps:

  1. Know who you’re writing for. The more specific your target audience is, the better.
  2. Work out your messaging and what you’re going to say. Tailor both messaging and content to your target audience.
  3. Write the copy in a way that appeals to the people you’re writing for. Don’t write to be clever – write to convince. Use appropriate language, keep it succinct, and make it persuasive. Copywriting is about creating action through text.