Editing Hiring Advice

Quick Lessons

Paying an editor to ‘fix’ your marketing collateral isn’t a good idea (in 90% of cases).

Here’s why.

An editor’s job is to enhance, clarify, and correct.

We take a strong foundation – a page of website copy, a thought leadership article, a capability statement – and amplify its impact.

But, if that foundation is poorly written or contains little value, the time and cost required for an editor to bring it up to a publishable standard doesn’t make budgetary sense.

Instead, it’s normally better to pay a copywriter to deliver a strong draft, and then use an editor to make it better.

(One notable exception: when an exec or SME writes something that contains lots of value but just needs a little polishing, an editor is the perfect solution.)

The takeaway: editing =/= a cheap way to rewrite low-quality collateral.

Copywriters for creating. Editors for improving.