Marketing Operations Strategy

Quick Lessons

An underrated way to improve your marketing:

Increase your operating tempo.

This doesn’t mean burning out your team by constantly pushing them to do more.

It means being fast in relation to events:

  • Getting same-day approvals from management (when possible)
  • Streamlining time costs through more efficient processes
  • Minimising the time between content creation and content distribution
  • Embracing staggered delivery timelines to avoid bottlenecks
  • Minimising time spent on defensive activities, like mandatory reporting
  • Understanding that making decisions quickly is more important than always being right

A faster tempo = faster output and lower costs.

Focus on building tempo, not increasing raw speed.

Not every marketing decision needs to be data-driven.

If you have the time and resources to collect and analyse information, you’ll be able to make an accurate, fully informed decision.

But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes timelines are too urgent.

Sometimes budgets are too tight.

Sometimes you can’t get buy-in from stakeholders.

And that’s when intuitive decision-making becomes a critical skill.

It means having the experience and knowledge to recognise similarities in situations (even when you’re missing information) and apply previously successful tactics/strategies.

Intuition isn’t a replacement for analysis – but, when data isn’t available, it’s the next-best way to make decisions.

In other words: it’s OK to trust your gut sometimes.